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Children Painting at HomeIn home ABA therapy lets your child act natural in their natural environment. This allows the ABA therapist to address the behavioral challenges as they’re happening. This setting for therapy is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Plus, our ABA therapists can design an individualized treatment plan to work seamlessly within your child’s framework, taking into account their everyday triggers and family dynamics.

Help is needed most in the home.

Behavioral difficulties most often arise at meal time, bed time, play time, dressing, bathing, going to sleep and waking up. With an ABA therapist working in your home, these challenging behaviors can be observed and addressed while they’re happening.

We come into your home to teach your child new behaviors, while also teaching you how to provide additional training as a home based ABA therapist.


Rapid Results from Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home based ABA therapy services can enhance your child's ability to communicate and understand and interact with the world around him or her. Best of all, when applied intensively for 20 hours or more a week, an in-home ABA program can produce rapid results.
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Early Intervention

Ideally, the best time to start with an in-home program is as soon as possible.

In fact, studies have shown that early, in-home interventions started before the age of three are the most effective and can even alter IQ.

Proven Effective

The Surgeon General reported that 30 years of research has proven, “the efficacy of applied behavioral methods in reducing inappropriate behavior and in increasing communication, learning, and appropriate social behavior.”

Comprehensive and Convenient Approach

Our skilled ABA behavioral specialists will provide the training and support needed, but that’s only the beginning. Behind your child is an entire support team of tutors, therapists and aids who will:

  • Evaluate your child’s current level and abilities
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Make referrals to other specialists as needed
  • Monitor progress and the therapist pairing
5 Benefits of Home-Based ABA Therapy Services
  1. Covered by insurance. Read the post!
  2. Therapy is conducted in the child's natural environment.
  3. Therapy is happening in "real-time" which aids in addressing behavioral problems as they are happening.
  4. Children easily apply learned skills to other settings throughout the home.
  5. Parent/caregiver/sibling involvement for greater success.

Other In-Home Therapies Available

Building Blocks Therapy offers other in-home therapy services through our partnership with The Galvin Therapy Center, a premier children's clinic in Cleveland. Galvin Therapy specializes in children's speech and occupational therapy.

We will make the initial contact and help refer your child to one of their highly-qualified, kid-friendly therapists.

Establishing You as a Partner

Family Holding Hands

With an in home ABA program, our ABA therapists will not only get to know not your child, but your family, and family nuances as well. Every caregiver is considered and there is constant collaboration and communication to ensure a treatment plan is accurate and easy to implement.

As a parent, you will be trained how to run your child’s treatment program and implement its strategies throughout the day. You'll be happy to know that ABA therapies are not especially complex. The methods can be readily learned by and other caregivers and are easily generalized. Once your child learns new behaviors, they can be easily applied to other environments and situations.

The behavioral therapies we employ in your home are all about making a little change and then building on that change to promote greater gains.

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