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Our approach to a school based ABA therapy program is all about positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is the key. Using token boards, point cards, or whatever the child enjoys, we reinforce the correct response with something great so the behavior will happen again.

For example, if a child needs a break every 15-20 minutes, we can teach the child how to ask for a break when needed instead of forcing him to stay in the class and “stick it out.” Acting out in class and lunchtime behavior can also be addressed with an ABA program.

Using positive reinforcement, we’ve helped children become more productive, participatory, engaged and attentive in school.

Our goal is not for your child to become dependent on our services. Rather, we want to fade out our support and instill within them the ability to integrate more fully with their environment and learn the skills needed to live functional and happy lives.

Matthew was out of control.

His behavior in school escalated so severely that he was sent home 2-3 times a week. We were at a loss and were forced to keep him at home until we had a plan in place.

A friend introduced us to Building Blocks Therapy. What they accomplished was nothing short of a miracle.

They had Matthew back in school immediately with an incredible positive reinforcement program.

He went from needing a paraprofessional there all the time for his negative behaviors to complete independence in a few months.

He is currently at the top of his class, but most of all, he takes such great pride in his accomplishments.

Building Blocks Therapy has helped our son believe in himself again.

Actual Case

The story in the green box is an actual case of what we accomplished with a school based ABA therapy program.

We understand the challenges a classroom can present to a child with autism, ADHD or other behavioral challenges. Our therapists have both taught and worked in a classroom setting, are board certified and possess degrees in education and special education.

We understand…and we can help.

Our experienced ABA therapists can come in, assess the behavior and quickly provide the teacher with a behavior plan and effective strategies to best serve your child.

Help Your Child Achieve Real Success with ABA Therapy

We have collaborated with a number of Cleveland schools to develop ABA therapy programs that are effective and easy to maintain. We can either come in and provide direct services or help support your school’s own ABA-based program.

Either way, we’re here to ensure your child gets the most out of school…and the school gets the most out of your child.

A School Based ABA Therapy Program can help a child with some of the challenges faced with:

  • ASD including Asperger’s
  • ADHD
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Developmental delays

Early Intervention is Crucial

If you feel your child is suffering at school because of a behavioral problem, please don’t put off getting help. An ABA therapy program during the first few years of school can dramatically limit the need of support over your child’s entire school career.
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5 Myths and Facts about School-Based ABA Therapy

Some people have information a little mixed up about school-based ABA therapy. Here is some information to clear up common misconceptions:

  1. Only effective for young children.
  2. Teacher-student ratio must be one-to-one.
  3. Involves complicated and time-consuming data collection.
  4. Utilizes artificial reinforcement.
  5. Emphasizes punishment procedures.
  1. Proven effective for all ages.
  2. Goal is to generalize skills in a natural learning environment.
  3. Data collection is easy, practical and efficient.
  4. Overall goal is for learner to respond to naturalistic renforcers.
  5. Positive reinforcement forms the basis of intervention.

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