ADOS-2 Test Workshop In Atlanta

The ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) workshop in Atlanta was awesome

ADOS-2 is considered the gold standard for diagnosing Autism. By attending this workshop, I am now certified in AOS and will be able to administer this test. This is great news for families who very often have to be on a long waiting list for this diagnostic test.

With the push for early diagnosis of Autism, this test can be an important tool to get your child on the correct treatment plan as soon as possible.

While I will be administering and scoring the test, Dr. Weitman, our neuro psychologist will be making the official diagnosis of Autism.

I had the privilege of learning how to adminster this test with one of its creators, Susan Risi, PhD.

Susan was amazing. Really fantastic. I learned a ton, met many really great people and connected with other other professionals in my field, including professors, psychologists and occupational therapists.

Plus, Susan actually administered the ADOS-2 to a child with ASD. That was EXTREMELY helpful! I was able to practice scoring right there and then! I LOVED that the workshop was so hands-on and involved!

We’re excited to now offer the ADOS-2 test.

Here is a picture of Susan and I:


Rechama Jacobowitz and Susan Risi, PhD.