Jeanine Signs

Meet Jeanine Signs!

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ABA?

I became an ABA therapist first and foremost because I saw a huge need for kids being diagnosed with autism. These children were being under-served and I knew I had to do something. Second of all, I love children. As an ABA therapist, I love helping children overcome challenges. I never get tired of sharing the joy with a child who reached their goal. The look of accomplishment on their face is what keeps me going.

What are you passionate about?

Education. Learning. New research on autism or ABA. I’m constantly looking for more info! ?

What do you enjoy most about working at Building Blocks Therapy?

Everyone here is always looking for ways to improve the services we provide. Whether its parent training, a certain therapy or supervision, we’re a team that committed to growth. I love that atmosphere. Plus, our office if filled with hundreds of toys and games that makes therapy fun! I love our play-based approach to therapy!

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