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Meet Our Therapists!

Do you know which of our therapists has been to Central America?

How about which one has 4 sons?

With our new weekly Meet Our Therapists feature you’ll soon find out!

First up…our Clinical Director, Rechama Jacobovitch:

Rechama Jacobovitch

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ABA?

I always had a great passion for working with people who have special needs. I came across the field of ABA when I was working with children on the Autism spectrum. I was fascinated by ABA’s deep scientific foundation. I started learning and have continued ever since. I loved how ABA was so data and research driven. I’m still amazed watching its effectiveness day in and out. I love it!

What do you enjoy most about working at Building Blocks Therapy?

I am so thankful for my most amazing team at BBT.

They are the most passionate, dedicated therapists I know. They all want to see their children and young adults succeed and they work hard to get them there. We collaborate with each other constantly. We love working together as much as we love the children we serve.

Each of my staff is hand-picked based on their love for the field, their experience and talents.

We’ve created a fun, experienced team who loves and sees each child for who they are. Not for their diagnosis.

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