The Only Clinically Proven Therapy for Children with Autism

ABA Therapy Services in Cleveland for Children with Autism

Our approach is simple. Using ABA therapy to help your child integrate more fully with their environment and learn the skills needed to live a functional, happy life.

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Backed by a wealth of research and the endorsements of the US Surgeon GeneralAutism Speaks and The American Academy of Pediatrics, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) offers a highly effective approach.

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ABA Therapy in the Best Location for the Best Results

To ensure your child receives the best therapy in the best environment possible, we provide ABA therapy in whichever environment will product the maximum results.

ABA Therapy at Home

Behavioral difficulties most often arise at meal time, bed time, play time, dressing, bathing, going to sleep and waking up.

Providing ABA therapy at your home lets your child act natural in their natural environment. This allows the ABA therapist to address the behavioral challenges as they’re happening. This setting for therapy is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Plus, our ABA therapists can design an individualized treatment plan to work seamlessly within your child’s framework, taking into account their everyday triggers and family dynamics.

ABA Therapy in School

We have collaborated with a number of Cleveland schools to develop ABA therapy programs that are effective and easy to maintain. We can either come in and provide direct services or help support your school’s own ABA-based program.

Either way, we’re here to ensure your child gets the most out of school…and the school gets the most out of your child.

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Center-based ABA services mean all of our ABA therapy treatment sessions are provided on-site at our facility rather than in your home, school or other setting. The unique design of our facility is a fun-filled, welcoming environment where learning and social interaction can occur more naturally.

With climbing equipment, games and fun things around every corner, you’ll be amazed how much fun your child is having during therapy!

What are the Advantages of Center-Based ABA Therapy?

Optimized Learning Environment

With fun, learning-based equipment and skilled therapists around every corner, your child is set up for success from the moment they walk in the door.

Maximum Therapist Interaction

More interaction between your child and your ABA therapist results in faster development of the skills we’re looking to achieve.


Your ABA therapist can consult with other therapists and our clinical director regarding your child’s treatment methods, goals and results to make faster program changes.

Peer Interaction

Interacting with other children and participating in play-based therapy during structured group activities can target specific social and language skills.

School Preparation

School-based activities allow your child to practice following classroom routines, including lining up, circle time, group responding and going to the restroom.

Comprehensive and Convenient

Behind your child is an entire support team of therapists, tutors and aids who will:

  • Evaluate your child’s current level and abilities.
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Make referrals to other specialists as needed.
  • Monitor progress and the therapist pairing

Establishing You as a Partner

Boy Pretending to be a SuperheroOur ABA therapists will not only get to know not your child, but your family and family nuances as well. Every caregiver is considered and there is constant collaboration and communication to ensure a treatment plan is accurate and easy to implement.

As a parent, you will be trained how to run your child’s treatment program and implement its strategies throughout the day. You’ll be happy to know that ABA therapies are not especially complex. The methods can be readily learned by other caregivers and are easily generalized. Once your child learns new behaviors, they can be easily applied to other environments and situations.

The behavioral therapies we employ in your home are all about making a little change and then building on that change to promote greater gains.

Early Intervention is Crucial

If you feel your child is suffering at school because of a behavioral problem, please don’t put off getting help. ABA therapy services during the first few years of school can dramatically limit the need of support over your child’s entire school career.

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