ABA Therapy for Autism

Your child has autism.

You’ve heard that ABA therapy can help.

You’ve come to the right place.

ABA Therapy from Board-Certified, Caring Therapists

We’re a fun, friendly group of board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA). We’re passionate about ABA therapy and helping your child improve in all areas of life.

Our Goal

To do everything we can to help your child with autism lead a health, happy life.

Our primary treatment method for children with autism is ABA therapy.


Because it works.

We’ve seen time and time again how ABA therapy can help children with mild to severe behavioral difficulties.

Please contact us to schedule your free consultation. You may be surprised to learn that your insurance covers ABA therapy.


How Does ABA Therapy for Autism Work?

ABA therapy works by slowly changing behavior using proven behavioral treatment principles. A child is encouraged with reinforcers (food, toys, computer time, bubbles, verbal praise, etc) for positive behaviors. Negative behaviors are ignored and replaced with positive replacement skills.

Our goal is to increase or decrease targeted behaviors in everyday situations.

ABA Therapy Can Help Your Child…

  • Build language and communication skills.
  • Improve classroom behavior and performance.
  • Overcome behavioral challenges.
  • Develop social and play skills.
  • Develop everyday living and self-care skills.
  • Eliminate maladaptive (or negative) behaviors, such as self-stimulation, self-injurious behaviors and aggression.

Fostering Communication with Verbal Behavior (VB)

Our primary ABA therapy teaching method is Verbal Behavior Therapy (VB) based on the theories of behaviorist B.F. Skinner. It can help both young children beginning to learn language, as well as older children with delayed or disordered language and skills.

Verbal Behavior motivates your child to learn language by connecting words with their purposes. A child learns that words can help obtain desired objects or other results.

Verbal Behavior employs teaching strategies such as early mand traning, frequent opportunities to mand, “errorless teaching” and other strategies which minimize frustration while learning.

The focus of VB therapy is to teach your child how to use language to make requests and communicated ideas.

Our therapists provide immediate and high reinforcement – such as candy, bubbles, stickers or whatever the child likes – to support the immediate and frequent attempts that help improve your child’s communication and skills.

While edibles and toys are often used for early learners or difficult responses, these are faded to natural enforcers that should maintain the specific response. Our goal is to help your child and have fun in the process.

Verbal Behavior can not only strengthen verbal communication, but also improve non-verbal communication such as gestures, eye contact and pointing. AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) devices can be used with VB as well.

Boy Eating Strawberry

Bringing You Into the Picture

Our therapists can train you and other caregivers to use the verbal behavior principles introduced by your therapist throughout your child’s daily life to help enhance and accelerate their progress.

A Non-Communicative Child is a Frustrated Child

When your child is non-communicative he’s frustrated because his needs aren’t being met. You’re frustrated because you don’t know what your child wants.

This can create severe stress.

Using Verbal Behavior, we’ve been able to alleviate this stress and sometimes witness dramatic results when a child goes from being completely non-communicative to clearly communicating his needs and wants.

The Only Clinically Proven Therapy for Children with Autism

Decades of research has shown the effectiveness of ABA therapy for children with autism.

Yes. You may have heard suggestions for other types of treatment methods. However, only ABA therapy has been clinically proven to help with autism.

Many Insurances Cover ABA Therapy for Autism

Insurance companies are now mandated by Ohio law to cover Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services for children with autism. Please contact us so we see if your insurance qualifies.

ABA Therapy Endorsed by Leading Agencies Effective Treatment for Autism

Surgeon General Endorses Behavioral Intervention for Autism

In his report, Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General, former United States Surgeon General, David Satcher, MD, PhD, endorsed intensive behavioral intervention for individuals with autism by stating, “Thirty years of research demonstrated the efficacy of applied behavioral methods in reducing inappropriate behavior and in increasing communication, learning, and appropriate social behavior.”

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