ABA Therapy for Autism

aba therapy for autismYour child has autism.

You’ve heard that ABA therapy can help.

You’ve come to the right place.

ABA Therapy from Certified, Caring Therapists

We’re a group of board-certified, fun and friendly ABA therapists.

Our goal: To do everything we can to help your child with autism lead a healthy, happy life.

Our primary  method for children with autism is ABA therapy.


Because it works.

We’ve seen time and time again how ABA therapy can help children with mild to severe behavioral difficulties.

Please call us to schedule a free consultation. You may be surprised to learn that your insurances covers ABA therapy.

How Does ABA Therapy for Autism Work?

ABA therapy works by slowly changing behavior using proven behavioral treatment principles. A child is encouraged with reinforcers (food, toys, computer time, verbal praise) for positive behaviors. Negative behaviors are ignored and replaced with positive replacement skills.

Our goal is to increase or decrease targeted behaviors in everyday situations.

Our fun, knowledgeable therapists can provide ABA therapy can in your child’s natural environment, at home or in school.

ABA therapy can help with:

  • Challenging behaviors
  • Play skills
  • Social skills
  • Engagement
  • Language skills and verbal behavior
  • Reasoning skills

You Won’t Find any Cookie-Cutters Here

There is no one standard ABA therapy program. That’s why your therapist will develop a unique treatment plan based on your child’s needs.

The Only Clinically Proven Therapy for Children With Autism

Decades of research projects have shown the effectiveness of ABA therapy for autism.

Yes. You may have heard suggestions for other types of treatment methods. However, only ABA therapy has been clinically proven to help with autism.

When you bring your child to us for ABA therapy, you can rest assured that our treatment methods are backed by decades and decades of research showing successful outcomes.