Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric speech therapy can help children of all ages with various speech and language disorders, including articulation disorders, fluency disorders, communication challenges, swallowing/feeding disorders, and language disorders.

Our goal is to help your child understand and express their needs and wants through improved articulation, language, and social skills.

Early Intervention Is Crucial In Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech and language skills develop rapidly from birth to roughly age five; therefore, pediatric speech therapy is a crucial tool for young children who exhibit communication problems that could affect their social or academic skills as they get older.

We offer the highest level of individualized speech, swallowing, language, and social communication services. Working closely with your child and your family, we provide a complete range of speech therapies to help children overcome speech, language, developmental and neurological disorders.

Speech Therapy Sessions May Include But Are Not Limited To The Following Treatment Approaches:

Turn-taking through routines

Oral motor strengthening exercises

Language comprehension and literacy activities

Encouraging speech through play and movement

Training in alternative communication

Articulation practice

The Only ABA Clinic In Ohio Offering “The My Way” Food Selectivity Approach

“The My Way” food selectivity approach was developed by Dr. Greg Hanley, a well-known BCBA-D who has been applying the principles of his research to improve children’s behaviors for over 30 years.

The skill-based approach provides a relaxed environment in which children are motivated to interact with and eventually eat new and nonpreferred foods.

“The My Way” Approach Can Help With:

General feeding problems

Texture aversion

Limited food repertoire

Food refusal

Children are given the choice to participate in the treatment and always have the option to leave or take a break. The process is partly child-led, and the children teach us the pace at which to progress expectations.

“The My Way” approach has been shown to be highly effective and Building Blocks Therapy is the only ABA therapy clinic in Ohio offering this method.

A Collaborative Approach To Pediatric Speech Therapy

Our pediatric speech therapists care for kids from birth to adolescence, using a team approach that is kid-friendly and involves parents every step of the way.

This coordination is particularly important for children who require a blend of services, including pediatric physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy, and ABA therapy.

Our speech and language pathologists therapists have extensive experience in multiple settings, including clinical, hospital, at home, and in school. They also have experience working with children with autism, and developmental delays.

Our Trained Pediatric Speech Therapists Can Help With:

Pediatric Speech Therapy Is For Children Of All Ages

Our skilled and versatile physical therapy team specializes in the treatment of children from birth to teenagers with health challenges, autism, and other developmental delays.


ABA Therapy for Autism/ASD

Building Blocks Therapy provides ABA therapy services to children with Autism, addressing and overcoming challenges in communication, behavior, and social and daily living skills.

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